30 Day Challenge - fitness and nutrition support package


30 days to a healthier body and mind


 30 min phone call to set goals, find what Is holding you back to be at your best both physically and mentally (eating habits, exercise routine, sleep pattern, stress levels etc)

 Your food diary assessed by me to find where can we improve it and how can we get you to gently detox your body without dieting and giving up everything you enjoy, we come up with healthy alternatives and little weekly challenges to reduce inflammation in the body, improve your digestion and metabolism and increase your vitamin intake through good healthy meals

 A PDF for nutritional guidelines with the best sources of specific minerals and vitamins

 4 different 15-25 mins long home workout videos for each week which is simple and effective, a combination of dynamic stretches, conditioning and cardio.All you need is a yoga mat and a resistance loop And a timer on your mobile

 Online support for 30 days – Basically I will be your `Alexa` for any questions you might have regarding nutrition and exercise or anything you get stuck with- you will be a member of a private Facebook group where there will be educational stuff posted daily on nutrition, clean eating, best exercise routines/stretches for mums. It will also be a platform for empowering, supporting each other to get the most out of the 30 day plan 

 Relaxation techniques to help you with reducing stress levels, increase your mood/sleep, energy and positive vibes.These will be very simple and you will only need 5-10mins daily to start with.Mediation through deep abdominal breathing, yoga/stretch routine, Epsom salt bath, Reading or listening to positive statements in the morning etc.You will be part of a private Facebook group and given all the support and motivation you need along the way.

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