Pregnancy Fitness Classes & Personal Training

Exercising through pregnancy is vital to make your pregnancy an enjoyable experience. It helps with keeping your energy levels up, prevents/reduces water retention, excessive weight gain, gestational diabetes and the discomfort caused by the postural changes and carrying the extra weight of your little bundle of joy.

Some muscles get extremely tight and tired so they need to be released (massage, remedial therapy) while some muscles weaken and they need extra attention and work through specific moves to set you up for the post birth recovery as well as the `pushing phase` of the birth.
Not to mention all the worry and anxiety you might be feeling before welcoming your little one...exercise will release all those happy hormones you need to feel better, be more positive and to stay more focused and in tune with your body.

Pregnancy Personal Training

  • One to one fitness sessions tailor-made for YOU  to get you prepared for the birth and post natal recovery
  • Nutrition plan and food diary assessment.  
  • visualisation and breathing techniques that is very beneficial for labour and post natal recovery
  • available from 20th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy Massage

  • Reduces aches and pains in your muscles and joints that cause you discomfort and limited range of movement.
  • Helps with reducing water retention, headaches, stress and anxiety 
  • Improves your sleep, circulation and the oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles. 


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