Post Natal Group Classes & Personal Training

I offer various services for post-natal care including: 

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Post Natal Personal Training

If you feel you need even more support with exercise, technique, nutrition and more motivation then post natal personal training is for you. We start with Abdominal separation/ postural/ breathing technique assessment and create a workout routine suitable for your needs. We use post natal remedial therapy as part of our session to release tight muscles that slow down healing

  • In depth education on post-natal healing
  • Optimum nutrition plan for healing
  • Monthly review 

Class times: Every Tuesday at 10am and Saturdays at 9am  Both classes can be attended with or without your little one(s). Suitable from 6 weeks (vaginal) or 12 weeks (C section) post birth.

Face-to-face sessions will continue after 29th March 2021!

Post Natal Group Classes

Regular weekly fun, outdoor fitness session for mummies in Broomfield Park, Palmers Green

Learn a safe and effective way to heal your body, reconnect with your core, get your strength back build up stamina, improve your mood and energy levels. Meet other local mums and attend our social events and workshops.

£10 for taster session (available to book online)

£40 for 4 classes (does not have to be 4 consecutive weeks, 2 months expiry)

**our online health questionnaire needs to be completed before attending - click here


` The body achieves what the mind believes`

With our 30 day online plan we work on all the key elements of optimum health including exercise, clean eating and mindfulness.

It is very important to work on each opponent at once and see the bigger picture when it comes to improving our health and well-being.

During the 4 weeks, we will focus on various topics each week along with workouts and mindful eating such as Self-love, letting go of limiting beliefs, manifesting abundance, prosperity and whatever your heart desires into your life.

 With the help of Theta healing we release fear, overwhelm, worry and negative emotions so you can create space for good vibes and live at your highest and best potential.

We kickstart with an initial assessment to see where you are at both physically and mentally, also look at your food diary (without any judgement) to see what areas we can help you improve on.

Gratitude Journal- You will need a note book where you document your journey and pin down any positive thoughts that will help you to get the most out of the plan. 

Each week you receive 3x 15-20 min pre-recorded workouts that are suitable for all fitness levels, all you need is a mat and your resistance loop, we will also set you a few fun tasks to increase your motivation, help you focus, bring enjoyment and exciting into the plan.

You will also receive simple relaxation techniques and live group guided meditations once a week to work on a positive mindset towards a healthy lifestyle change.

You will be part a private Facebook group in which I post daily - motivational quotes, healthy meal ideas, advice on reducing cravings, balancing hormones, the importance of specific vitamins and minerals, how to strengthen your immune system naturally etc. 

Online support- You can email me directly or post in the private group should you have any questions, need more guidance or you just want to share your latest healthy muffin recipe or a sweaty post workout selfie :)

Next course starting on 13th September 2021.


Post-natal `kickstart` package;

  • A one off 70 mins training session to reconnect with your core through deep abdominal breathing and pelvic floor activation
  • Education on postural changes and how to correct it and reduce pain and discomfort caused by it
  • post natal remedial therapy on tight areas that restrict/slow down healing process
  • Personalised workout/stretch routine
  • Nutrition plan for healing
  • Online support for 4 weeks

Well-being Event for mums!

Join me for an afternoon of fun exercise, a talk on limiting beliefs and how they affect the way we feel followed by a super relaxing group energy clearing where we let go of negative emotions that weigh us down.

By saying goodbye to trauma, negative self-talk, regret, guilt and resentment, you allow your true authentic self to shine through. You connect to yourself on a higher level and will be able to deal with any obstacles come in your way, with self-confidence, trust and a positive mindset.

Give yourself permission to switch off, do something just FOR YOU and show yourself some self-love.

Can`t wait to share this exciting new event with you!

Early Bird tickets are now on sale @£35!

(the ticket includes the workshop, tea/coffee, healthy snacks and a little gift)

When: 9th October 2021

Where: St John the Evangelist - Palmers Green

Time: 2-4pm


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