Do you struggle to stay committed to your fitness goals? Do you try to live healthily but lose the ‘willpower’ and give up? Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to meal preparation? Does your health come second to running around after everyone else in your family?

You are not alone. And that’s why I’ve created the Fit Mums Club – an online membership community that will support you to approach your health and fitness in the most holistic way.

What does this mean?

Fitness is much more than working out. It’s a way of life that includes your emotional and physical health in equal measures. It’s making changes that you can live with and that last.

By becoming a member of the Fit Mums Club you will have access to support whenever YOU need it most – that means you can get the help and guidance you need 24/7.

  • Get LEANER and FITTER with live workouts to reconnect with pelvic floor, regain core and overall strength, get the heartrate up
  • BE CHALLENGED with my weekly workout challenges to keep you as active as possible
  • TRANSFORM YOUR EATING HABITS with my yummy and nutritious meal ideas as well as loads of useful information on how to eat clean without having to spend loads of time and effort on food prep
  • UNDERSTAND NUTRITION and AVOID FADS by joining in on our ‘big question’ discussions such as `should I cut out carbs?` , `shall I calorie count?`…..(there will be pinned information in notes that can be accessed at any time)
  • Get DIRECT ACCESS TO ME outside of your workouts with weekly Q&As and Zoom calls to discuss specific topics
  • TAKE THE HOLISTIC APPROACH thanks to our incredible guest speakers including nutritionists, energy healers, mindfulness coaches, c-section scar therapists, psychiatrists AMD MORE who will talk about their expertise to help you be at your best as a mum both in your body and mind
  • TREAT YOURSELF MORE! as a Fit Mums Club member you get an exclusive discount on your treatments and upcoming workshops
  • FEEL SUPPORTED at the time you need it with our members lifting each other up and sharing tips, you are no longer doing this on your own!

EARLY BIRD OFFER @ £10.99 a month!

GET ALL OF THIS for the ridiculously low EARLY BIRD price of just £10.99 a month with no minimum term commitment!

I can’t keep it this low for long! Join now and I’ll welcome you straight into the group where I can’t wait to start your journey with you. 

Reka x


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